Web-based Learning and Learning Experience Design

When people first get into web supplemented or web-based learning there often isn't a lot of design to it. It is often just a matter of picking some videos, articles, a web-pages, etc., that are meant to assist in the learning process. This isn't a bad thing, but it lacks the intentionality of good design. Learning Experience Design is an advancement in instructional design that utilizes learning theory, user experience (UX), and design to create transformative learning experiences. It is multi-disciplinary in nature.

For those who aren't familiar with the term "user experience" or UX, it represents a professional discipline that has grown out of web and user-interface design (UI). The user-interface is the part of the application or website or mobile app that the user interacts with. This discipline focuses on the psychology of user experience to create user-interfaces that are conducive to the use-cases of whatever application it is applied to. In the context of learning, UX is applied to the Learning Environment. As we go along in these workshop we will learn more about design principles that facilitate learning and how to avoid designs that get in the way of or distract from the learning experience that is intended.

As an introduction to Learning Experience Design investigate the fundamentals as explained by LXD.org. If you follow along there are five introductory principles according to the way LXD.org represents it. There are many different explanations of Learning Experience Design, this is just a beginning... There are many websites devoted to it. All it takes is a little googling to find them!

What do you think of Learning Experience Design? Is it similar to ways you have already done catechesis? In what ways is it different or new? Please reply with questions or comments.

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